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Boosting Founder Outcomes

Helping founders prepare for accelerators, investment, and revenue.

Boosting Founder Outcomes

Helping founders prepare for accelerators, investment, and revenue.

For 1 week, Dec 19th-23rd, watch the recorded demo days for the Fall 2022 cohort programs and see their startups' profiles!

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Applications Close March 15th. Be sure to apply today!


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Cohort Quicklinks


Founder Program Playbook [in FBX] - Use this to stay up-to-date on weekly assignments and information.


Join & Register for the Global Kickoff Event here.
It takes place April 4th. This event is required for all founders!

See below for Videos 1 and 2 of the Global Kickoff Event!

Part 1 - FoundersBoost Intro and Program Info

Part 2 - Top tips, Alumni, and Keynote


Your program will meet each week in Airmeet. Your Airmeet venue is specific to your program. Find the link to your program's specific venue in the Quicklinks below.

Check out a quick guide to Airmeet right here: Airmeet Startup, mentor and speaker pre-event guide

FoundersBoostX Resources

⚠️ If you do not have access to the Founders Program Playbook yet, then CLICK HERE to get access.

Founders Program Playbook [in FBX]
Boost Basics
[in FBX] - Program educational content. Learn about topics like fundraising, PMF, etc
Alumni Network [in FBX]
Perks Club [in FBX] - All your discounts & deals

*Note:  [in FBX] means that this link is found inside of FoundersBoostX.


To make your demo day videos you must use the designated template for your company. All templates will be posted in this section later during the program.


Perks Dealbook for FoundersBoost founders


FoundersBoostX: This platform hosts most all of the program resources and is a community tool to ask any question of your peers and mentors. 
Perks Club: Provides exclusive access to some fantastic deals to reduce your burn rate. These deals are ones we negotiated with companies including Amazon, Twilio, Stripe, Google and many more.  
Alumni Network: Located on our FoundersBoostX platform. It brings together all of Startup Boost's alumni from across cities and cohorts!
Airmeet: This is your venue for the weekly session and Demo Day
Google Drive: Find the contact directory & share documents with the program directors

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Mentor Driven Program

Expert Speakers

from recognized domain experts to help you grow.

Pitch Coaching

to identify holes in the business and hone the startup's story.

One-on-One Mentorship

to help improve the startups impact.
Week 1: Induction & Customer Development
People in a meeting

Meet the team

Meet your directors, peers, and mentors. Get a deep dive into what’s going to happen over the program and what you need to do to make the most from the program.

Know Your Customer

Learn how to make the most of your time with customers and get to the bottom of what they need from your startup.

Week 2: Pitch And Presentation Skills
Founders preparing a pitch

Pitch Like a Pro

Get best practice tips on how to ensure your presentation and pitch skills communicate your company effectively and clearly, while also connecting with your audience.

Week 3: Market Sizing
Founders brainstorming

Size the Market

Understand how to break down markets to see how big your potential customer can be and start working on how to take the right steps in addressing this new business.

Week 4: Building Products that Matter
Founders brainstorming

Building Products People Love

Hear from industry expert speakers on the factors that go into making products that your users and customers will care about to make your startup a necessary item for their everyday way of doing things. Learn how to find Product-Market Fit.

Week 5: The Fundraising Process & Techniques
Founder working on his laptop

Finetune Your Fundraise

Learn the best practices on preparing for investment and how to appropriately attack your fundraising process.

Week 6: Venture Funding and Accelerators
Founders during a presentation

Investment and Growth

Get insights into what role accelerators, angels, VC's, and other types of funding may play in the future of your startup; and how best to deal with them at the right time for your business.

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