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What is FoundersCoached?

FoundersCoached is a platform that connects startup vetted coached with founders to answer your big questions.

What is Superpeer?

Superpeer is a platform we use at FoundersCoached to book 1:1 video calls with coaches we have selected that are top of their field to help you grow your startup.

For a fee, you can connect directly with a coach: ask a question or get a second opinion or advice.

What if I can't make it to my call?

We get it, plans change. If you can't make it to your call, you can either reschedule or cancel it.

How can I cancel or reschedule my call?

You can find detailed instructions in your confirmation emails from Superpeer.

Superpeer confirmed videocall screenshot

Scroll to the bottom of your confirmation email and here you will find links to reschedule or cancel your call.

Reschedule or cancel screenshot

Keep in mind, if you want to reschedule the call, the new time you choose must be at least 16 hours away. Same day reschedules are not currently supported.

If you can't make it to your call, make sure that you either cancel or reschedule it in time. We respect everybody’s time, and will charge a full fee for no-show.

How do I get a receipt or an invoice for my call?

Receipts You will automatically get a receipt for each call or event you book on Superpeer. If you made a payment with a credit card, we will email you a receipt after your call is completed If you paid with Paypal, you can find a receipt in your Paypal account.

Invoices In case you need an invoice from Superpeer, please email us at, and provide the following information: Your booking information: your name, email, date and time of the booking Your company name and address Any other details We will email you the invoice within 7-10 days.

How do I get a refund?

Hey there, you can enquire here about getting a refund from Superpeer here:

Who we are

FoundersCoached connects founders with coaches to answer your big questions.

Our coaches have worked with startups and understand the unique nature of building something from nothing.

Each coach has been recommended and rated by startups to make sure that you have the best choice possible in getting your question answered.

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